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Autumn 2020 Workshops

Online wellbeing workshops to give you a boost.

Dark Coffee Presents Confident Content Zoom Workshop
Tue, 27 Oct 7:00 pm £13.52

Confident Content

A workshop to explore, unpack and beat the fear around posting as yourself in your business, with a tangible action plan to get you started.

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Thu, 29 Oct 12:30 am £13.52

Self-care for busy people

Strategies to reset, recharge and re-energise to help you power through the rest of 2020! Because your business can't function unless you do.

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Wed, 04 Nov 6:00 pm £13.52

Creating a Badass Vision

Defining the things you want from life and learning visualisation, goal-setting and action planning techniques that can help you get them.

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Tue, 10 Nov 12:30 am £13.52

Journaling for Wellbeing

Try some guided writing exercises and learn why and how you can integrate this awesome practice into your regular routine for self-care and wellbeing.

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Like the sound of our public workshops? We can bring it into your business.

​Our interactive, online training sessions help people learn how to proactively meet their own wellbeing needs and offer practical support to others. The impacts of your team being their badass selves have myriad benefits for productivity, morale and profitability.

Book a 30-minute coffee chat with us to explore how we might be able to help you and your team.

Looking for 1:1 support?

1:1 coaching is a great way of doing a deep dive on your personal development so you can be your badass self!

  • Get to know and understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Explore your motivations, interests and values to give you more direction
  • Learn strategies to help you manage your mental health and wellbeing
  • Become more confident in who you are and become an unapologetic badass
  • Learn how to express yourself authentically to benefit your life, career and relationships