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What makes Dark Coffee different?

With a rapidly increasing interest in all areas of mental health, the world is hardly short of mental health consultancies. In fact, a search of ‘mental health consultancy’ comes with a whopping 26,600,000 results in 0.54 seconds. From mental health first aid to psychotherapy consultancy, it’s probably harder to pick because of how saturated the market is.

Not all wellbeing consultancies are the same.

(See? There’s even the mental health versus wellbeing consultancy divide to factor in!)

Dark Coffee was developed out of a desire to start candid, authentic and unfiltered discussions around mental health. That means no combative, harmful language that implies we’re going to ‘cure’ anyone, or ‘battle’ depression. It also means we’re not going to sugar-coat the aspects of mental health that are still stigmatised, such as suicide.

We can only start open conversations around mental health by speaking openly about it, as casually as we speak about all other aspects of our lives.

It should be as normal as, you guessed it, having a cup of coffee.

Mental health still has a long stretch to go in normal conversations, and that gap is considerably wider in the workplace and in education, too.

Our aim as a mental health-based consultancy isn’t to tell you what you’re doing wrong, but give you quick wins and ongoing ones. A lot of employers are starting to see the benefits of bringing the mental health discussion and an emphasis on wellbeing into their workplace, but then can struggle when it comes to maintaining these discussions beyond a one-off talk or event.

Maintenance is extremely important. It’s easy to give people an introduction to mental health or a vague wellbeing strategy, but it’s much harder to adapt this to your company or school on a continual basis in order to see the benefits in real time.

Whether it’s wanting to safeguard students or avoid presenteeism, Dark Coffee wants to use lived experience to start the unfiltered conversations and keep them going. Mental health consultancy is more than a one-stop quick fix, it’s an ongoing process that should be continually reviewed to suit you and your needs.

Beginning as a mental health podcast meant that Dark Coffee has always focused on people’s personal experiences with their mental health, creating a space for people to share their own stories and resonate with others.

Everybody needs a social and emotional support network, so creating one in every environment, schools, workplaces and communities alike is essential.

If your aim is to have open, engaging and progressive conversations around mental health, we can help you get started.

What does Dark Coffee mean to me?

Dark Coffee is a catalyst for open discussions, a champion of empathetic communication and, most importantly, a step in the right direction for mental health discourse.

When we avoid conversations, we attach a stigma to them that is hard to fully remove. It’s only by beginning these conversations and giving people the space to speak about their own experiences that we can ever hope to reduce, and eventually remove, the stigma behind mental health.

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