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What We Do

We deliver mental health, wellbeing and personal development training to help people feel more badass in business.

We combine an energising delivery style with practical strategies you can implement immediately, whether you’re having 1:1 coaching for yourself or in-house wellbeing training for your team. Our specialities include:

  • Confidence and resilience building
  • Communication skills and self-expression
  • Having proactive, supportive conversations
  • Building peer support systems and receptive mental health cultures
  • Proactive mental health management and self-care
  • Wellbeing-centric leadership

For You

Webinars and online events for entry-level wellbeing training

1:1 coaching for tailored self-development

For Your Team

Workshops and group training to build resilient teams

Talks and keynote speeches to inspire, motivate and energise

Our Approach To Mental Health

When we entered the mental health arena, we identified two camps of service providers:

The Hope Brigade
Users of disempowering language, usually accompanied by cutesy cartoons.

The Militants
Fans of combative language, encouraging us to see mental health as a battle.

Neither school of thought resonated with us, so instead we decided to take a different approach.

We know that mental health can seem like a big, scary topic, which is why everything we do has to be four things:

Engaging, accessible, enjoyable and actionable.

We use empowering language and keep a strong solutions-focus to help people build a better relationship with their mental health.

We call this our unfiltered approach.

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