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The Founder Files: 3. Make Art

An artists’ manifesto. (Written in quarantine when I was going a bit loopy….)

MAKE ART – not because you think you have something to gain, but because not doing it would take something from you

MAKE ART – nor because you think you think it’s a chore to be completed, but because it’s a vocation.

MAKE ART – not because anyone should listen to you, but because there are people you can reach. To tell them they are being heard. Your art will speak to them, and their soul will ring out in recognition.

MAKE ART – not because it is noble or heroic, but because it is necessary. Civilisations are defined by their culture. It lifts humanity from mediocrity to magnificence.

MAKE ART – not because you want to, but because your natural curiosity compels you to experiment, fail, learn, play and grow.

MAKE ART – not because your opinion is important but because it is vital. Your voice is a rallying cry to galvanise other sleeping artists and tell them ‘it’s Go Time.’

MAKE ART – not because you don’t want to follow the rules, but because you know they need to be challenged. Broken. Rebuilt better.

MAKE ART – not for yourself, but to shine a light those who are unseen. Build platforms they can see from a distance. Art is a beacon to those who need it.

MAKE ART – not to be prolific, but to be a pioneer. The first people to move in a new direction become leaders as soon as the first person decides to follow.

MAKE ART – not to imitate those who have come before you, but to extend their legacy.

MAKE ART – not for yourself, but for those who need to experience it.

MAKE ART. This is not a request.


For doodles, scribbles and creative encouragement, follow my personal Instagram account [@alice.lyons.wellbeing]. I also recommend following Instagram challenges for prompts to help you get started. Searching for hashtags like #writingprompts #doodleprompts and #creativeprompts can throw up some really interesting results.

Enjoy – and let me know how you get on!

Alice x x