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What to do when work sucks – Ep.87

Over the last several years working with hundreds of business owners and millennial professionals, I’ve come to the stunning realisation that work SUCKS.


It’s a constant source of anguish and anxiety for the majority of us – even if you love what you do!


Not all the time (hopefully) but thanks to Capitalism, the need for work is high and the willingness to work is low. So how can we meet in the middle and make work more tolerable all around?


I’ll explore:

  • why accepting that work sucks can ironically lead to greater job satisfaction
  • how business owners feel guilty for not loving their work every day
  • the danger of attaching your self-worth, identity and value to your work
  • the bullshit narrative on social media around ‘finding work you love’ and how this sets unrealistic expectations that can pressure us
  • the societal pressure to find a passion rather than ‘just a job’
  • why there is a case to be made for mediocre work!
  • the slippery slope of overwork that so many of us fall into… and how to step back
  • the fact that there’s more to us than our work, and how to give time back to those areas of our life that we so often neglect!
  • the need to inject fun into our work (and how this makes things way more tolerable!)


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Episode recorded October 2021



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