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The MOST important part of leadership – episode 81

A lot of us fundamentally misunderstand what leadership is. That’s to be expected when very few of us receive any training! So, what does it mean to be a leader, and how do we do it well?


In this episode, Alice will share her take on the most important part of leadership that – once learnt – will help you delegate, lead confidently, empower your team members and feel like a badass.


**TRIGGER WARNING – super brief mention of low mental health including suicidality – skip forward 30 seconds at the 15-minute mark.


She’ll discuss:

  • the ONE THING that can define your success as a leader
  • the challenge of letting things go, especially for people who are used to doing everything!
  • why doing everything yourself is a slippery slope that is bad for your own energy levels and even worse for your team
  • how delegation, training and coaching leads to happier, more engaged and more successful teams
  • the big difference between managers and leaders (and why it’s better for you to be the latter!)
  • why you can slip back into bad habits when you’re under stress – spoiler alert: it’s not your fault. It’s your brain… stupid brain.


Recorded August 2021


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Podcast presented and edited by Alice Lyons.

Music Credit: ‘Infinite Landscape’ by Corinne




Suicide and Emotional Support Organisations – UK


Samaritans: Confidential suicide discussion and emotional support. Free helpline available round the clock. Text – 116123.  Call – 08457 909090  Email – Website –


Mind: Support and information for anyone suffering from a mental health issue. 0300 123 3393 Website –


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