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The 10 fundamentals of workplace wellbeing – Ep. 94

When it comes to workplace wellbeing, a discounted gym membership or ‘open-door policy’ from management isn’t going to cut it.


We need – scratch that – we deserve more from our employers. Because we all have a fundamental right to be supported emotionally, developmentally, and financially in our place of work.


In simple terms, we all want to go to work and feel good about it.


But here’s the head-scratcher: what does workplace wellbeing actually look like?


How can we put together an actionable wellbeing policy; one that helps us to build a happier, fulfilled community at work?


Glad you asked!


Today, I’ll equip you with 10 fundamentals of workplace wellbeing; consider this your essential guide for creating long-term, sustainable wellbeing practices in your organisation.


I’ll discuss:

  • Getting started: how to benchmark your current wellbeing practices and the next steps you need to take
  • How to create an inclusive wellbeing policy that is accessible to everyone
  • The 3 basic human needs that should underpin your wellbeing initiatives
  • How wellbeing has a positive ripple effect throughout your business as a whole
  • Who should take responsibility for workplace wellbeing in your organisation
  • …and we’ll be tackling a contentious subject that makes us Brits squirm! (Can you guess what it is?)


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Episode recorded May 2022




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Music Credit: ‘Like a Fire’ by Flow State

Host: Alice Lyons