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Sleep hacks to supercharge your productivity – Ep.85

We all know the feeling of desperately needing sleep but not being able to switch our noisy brains off. Other times, we’ll get an inordinate amount of sleep but still wake up feeling groggy – which is a killer ahead of a busy workday!


So, how can we improve the quality of our sleep to give us the best head start and wake up feeling ready to tackle the to-do list?


Today, I’m bringing you some tried-and-tested methods that have worked for myself and my clients, as approved by science! (Don’t worry – I’m keeping the neuroscience basic so we can focus on the practicalities.)


We’ll explore:


  • why we sometimes still wake up tired after having a long night’s sleep
  • how we can optimise the QUALITY of our sleep
  • why our brains need sleep
  • the single BEST technique I know for emptying your brain before bed
  • how your environment impacts your sleep, and suggestions for things you can tweak in your bedroom to help you slip into slumber
  • how all these hacks are complicated when you share a bed with someone!
  • …and I’ll be encouraging you to ‘suck it and see’ to find what works for you.


               Remember, our wellbeing is a continual work in progress, but taking the time to make tweaks and see what happens can bring significant improvements. Good luck, and let me know how           you get on!




Episode recorded September 2021


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