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How to stop being a dick to yourself – Ep.89

No messing about today – I’m going to teach you the fine and noble art of how to stop being a dick to yourself. We have learnt over time how to put ourselves down and give ourselves a hard time… so it’s about time that we unlearn these bad habits.


Slight disclaimer: if you have suffered deep or complex trauma, you might find that today’s approaches won’t touch the sides. However, they may take the edge off and give you enough relief so that you start that process of being kinder to yourself, which can be a great starting point.


I’ll discuss:


  • The seven ways you might be being a dick to yourself on a regular basis
  • Where these thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behaviour might come from (and why it’s not entirely your fault if you self-sabotage.)
  • How our thoughts and emotions can hold us back in small and subtle ways that we might not be aware of
  • How you can coach yourself to navigate these dicky behaviors
  • How you can hack your brain chemistry to make self-support easier
  • How self-awareness is a great starting point for treating yourself with more compassion
  • … and why an evil candy floss machine is responsible for all of your problems!


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Episode recorded January 2022




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