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How to stay sane on social media – for business owners. Ep92

As business owners, we all know we should be promoting ourselves on social media. But how can we cope with the noise, stress, time commitment and aggravation that comes along with these demonic platforms?


Fortunately, I know the guy to ask!


Lewis Kemp is CEO of bullshit-free creative agency Lightbulb Media based here in Manchester. If you recognise the name, you’ll either know him from his previous appearances on the podcast, or the general ruckus he causes over on LinkedIn.


Today, he’s here to help you figure out how to grow your business online, without losing your sanity along the way.



We’ll discuss:


  • The biggest pros around using social media to promote your business – including ease of communication and relationship building with clients
  • How to build a positive relationship with the platforms so you enjoy using them
  • The barriers that prevent business owners from posting… and how you can navigate them
  • Why it’s important to pay attention to the right metrics to measure your success – and what these might be for you
  • How to focus on your audience rather than yourself – and why that’s important for relationship-building
  • Tips for who to follow to get inspired and stay sane, rather than swept up in comparisonitis
  • How we can switch off, step back and manage our consumption and engagement with the platforms and be more intentional with how we use them, to benefit our mental health
  • Practical, tangible advice for producing your content and getting into a regular posting routine…
  • … plus find out why Lewis will be trolling Alice and why you should too!


Want to get in touch with Lewis? You can find him here:



LINKEDIN – @Lewis Kemp

INSTAGRAM – @lightbulbmediauk



AND if Lewis has whet your appetite for posting, you can grab your free guide to 30 post ideas for your wellbeing business (from yours truly) here.






Episode recorded April 2022






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