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How to get out of your social media posting slump. Episode 82

If you use social media to promote your business, you probably have a love-hate relationship with it. You feel the NEED to post to find new audiences, raise brand awareness and answer customer inquiries… but there’s resistance there!


Today, I want to break down these barriers getting between you and posting on social media and give you some reframes and practical ideas for getting over the posting hump.


This is a great episode if you’re stuck in a rut with your social media and need a short sharp shake to get you back on it.


I’ll discuss:


  • how FEAR can stop you in your tracks when it comes to posting
  • understanding social media overwhelm
  • why a lack of clarity could be doing you dirty
  • the role confidence plays in promoting your business (and why it’s not a necessary first step to get started)
  • how easy it is to be confused with all of the above! So, give yourself a break
  • how to work through the barriers once you’ve identified them
  • short, practical ideas to give you a fresh take on your social media and help you get something out there
  • questions to ask yourself to get to know your clients, wider audience and business better to make content creation easier


If you’d like help with anything mentioned in the show today, I’m going to be launching an on-demand course in Autumn 2021.


The course will help you unpack the barriers in greater detail and get a real handle on what’s holding you back so that you can learn how to work through it to start posting on social media with clarity, confidence and consistency.


There will be short actions and reflection activities to complete at the end of each 10-20 minute lesion that you can put straight into action, so you’re learning and improving from the beginning, putting your ideas straight into practice.


We’ll go into:


  • understanding your barriers around posting on social media
  • reframing your fears and working through them
  • getting clarity on who your audience is and what they want and need from you
  • figuring out the themes to underline all your content to make it easier and quicker to produce content moving forwards
  • understanding what you should be posting (and more importantly, why)
  • getting more confident in your move to action
  • learning how to post high-quality content consistently in a manageable and sustainable way that won’t lead to overwhelm or burnout
  • short, implementable strategies that you can use to immediately (and continually) up your posting game
  • bitesize 10-20 minute lessons within a 90+ minute course – learn as you go, at your own speed, and start making improvements straight away
  • evergreen course content you can revisit again and again in the future whenever you need to refocus and revisit the barriers that might crop up (particularly if you are changing part of your business offering or changing clients.)


If you’re interested, get in touch with me HERE or on social media with the phrase ‘Confident Content’ to get on the waitlist and a juicy discount! Don’t worry – no obligation to buy – you’ll just be the first person to know when it’s available and get the best price for it.


Happy posting!!






Episode recorded August 2021


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