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How to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive – Ep.93

We all love the idea of creating better workplaces… but are we really taking everybody’s needs into account in order to build them?


Today, I’m joined by accessibility and inclusive work culture expert Rachael Mole to discuss how exploring the adjustments and improvements we can make for one person means everyone can benefit – from our team members to our clients and broader communities.


Rachael Mole is a disabled founder, and entrepreneur, shaking up what it means to have an inclusive workplace. Disabled since 12 years old, she faced barriers to education and the workforce. After a successful career building communities across the UK, she founded SIC in 2021- a social enterprise, bringing together her passion for mentoring, disability access, and workplace inclusion with the aim of helping to close the disability employment gap in the UK.


We’ll discuss:


  • a surprising definition for ‘disability’ which is going to blow your mind
  • ableism comes from (spoiler alert: capitalism, baby)
  • the disability employment gap that discriminates against disabled and chronically ill people
  • how to create work systems and practices to accommodate people’s needs and support their success, rather than limit their progression
  • why we should push for inclusivity at work, rather than just diversity
  • why accessibility needs to be a larger part of DE&I conversations
  • why creating flexible working for one person results in improvements for everyone
  • … and the big fish you can expect to catch from opening a perceived ‘can of worms’


Ready to make your workplace more inclusive? Have a look at SIC’s business centre HERE to learn how they can support your goals.



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Episode recorded April 2022






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