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How to cope with the cost-of-living crisis – advice from a therapist – Ep.91

The cost-of-living crisis has caused nothing short of a total bloody shitshow at our petrol pumps and supermarkets, and things are only set to get worse.


So, how the hell are any of us supposed to cope?


That’s what I asked my friend (and therapist) Helen Carouzos when we sat down last week.


In one short hour, Helen took me from being completely overwhelmed by the scale of the problem to feeling hopeful, optimistic, and starting a revolution (I kid you not…)


Prepare to be therapised!


We’ll discuss:


  • How to regain a sense of control in stressful situations to increase your sense of wellbeing
  • The importance of giving, especially when we feel helpless – and the abundance of things we might be able to offer other people to support them
  • How to focus less on the large number of things you CAN’T do and more on the few things you CAN so that we move from focusing on the problem to finding and implementing solutions
  • Permission to be angry about a situation – with particular reference to the government and their decisions
  • The importance of ACCEPTANCE – not in passively AGREEING with what’s happening, but actively ACKNOWLEDGING the reality of the situation so you can deal with it more effectively
  • Why uncertainty doesn’t have to be a bad thing and how we can learn to manage it – and even make friends with it!
  • The power of moving from WHY-based questions like “Why is this happening?” to WHAT and HOW-based questions, such as “What can I do about it, and how?”
  • A fun technique for time-manging your panicking…
  • … PLUS find out why the revolution will be on LinkedIn…


Helen Carouzos is an HCPC registered psychologist with over 20 years experience, who can also enhance the performance of individuals, teams, and organisations through executive career coaching, mental wellbeing workshops, and employee counselling services.


She currently operates out of her huge and gorgeous new office in Altrincham, just outside of Manchester, and she’s worked with everyone from sportspeople looking to perform at their best, to people with ADHD who want to understand more about working with their neurodiversity and see it as a strength rather than a hindrance.


I’ve had the absolute pleasure of having her in my network for the past few years and, during the pandemic, she was actually my therapist for many months, and her support and guidance really helped keep me calm and focused during a time of massive upheaval, which meant I, in turn, could be there for all the people I help and support in my community. She’s been an absolute rock on a personal level, but professionally speaking I can just tell you that she really knows her stuff… and holy shit does she deliver some absolute wisdom bombs in this conversation!


Want to get in touch with her? You can find her here:



LINKEDIN – @Helen Carouzos    

INSTAGRAM – @helencarouzospsychology


PHONE – 07828 470 744


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See you next time!




Episode recorded April 2022






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