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How to clear out a cluttered mind – Ep.84

Marie Kondo, I am not. But I know a thing or two about tidying your head space to help your work and wellbeing – and it can come from a couple of unexpected places.


Today I’ll be discussing how clearing out physical spaces and auditing your tech can be the answer to getting more of your precious brain power back. A must for any business owner, or those of us struggling to juggle 100 things at once.



I’ll discuss:


  • How regaining mental clarity doesn’t have to mean focusing on our inner world – we can start by looking at the things around us – and often, it’s an easier way to start
  • How clutter in your physical space can take your mind away from the things you want to be doing
  • Why tech can be the biggest disruptor of productivity – and how we can turn it on its head
  • Why ‘Do Not Disturb’ is my go-to solution for removing distractions in my workday (and how people can still access you in an emergency)
  • I also throw down a 20-minute challenge to organise one area of your space today. Take action, and see what happens!
  • Plus, you’ll hear all about my very decadent ‘brothel’s boudoir….’






Episode recorded September 2021


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Podcast presented and edited by Alice Lyons.



Music Credit: ‘Like a Fire’ by Flow State