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Falling out of love with your business (and how to fall back into it!) Ep.86

Running a business isn’t all four-hour workweeks and working from the beach. But the entrepreneur gurus won’t tell you that bit.


‘Startup Fatigue’ (or ‘Founder Fatigue’) is a term that was coined with Eddie Whittingham when I was a guest on his Business NoBS Podcast [linked here.] 


During that conversation, I realised I’m in an ‘icky’ phase of my business where I feel like I’ve fallen out of love with it.


So, I wanted to do a deeper dive into this situation to help you if you ever hit this delightful wall! Because it’s a topic that can sometimes come up in private conversations – but is not often discussed publicly.


So, join me as I navigate these uncomfortable feelings and give you some practical things you can do to get yourself through it.


Think of it as couple’s counselling between you and your business!



We’ll explore:


  • Founder Fatigue – feeling overwhelmed, lacking focus and feeling like you lack focus – and recognising how normal it is
  • How being in business feels like being in a marriage – and how it differs from the giddy early stages
  • How being in business can feel like a BIG intimidating commitment
  • Some of the challenges of running a service business and how it can contribute to a feeling of drudgery or fatigue
  • Why it might be time for you to rethink the business model you’re following so that you can enjoy your work more, and run your business more effectively
  • Why it helps to make regular time to step back from your business and think critically about it
  • Some of the KEY QUESTIONS to ask yourself to assess your relationship with your business
  • And how to get the relationship back on track


I mention Rachael Mole in the episode – who you should definitely check out for the cool work she does to support chronically ill and disabled professionals.


I also recommend episode 80 of Mind Over Grind – A hack to help you ask for help. 


And if you feel like you’ve fallen out of love with your business and would like to offload to someone who ‘gets it’ book a 20-minute coffee chat with me here.


After today’s podcast, I hope you and your business will both be back on speaking terms.


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Episode recorded October 2021





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