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20. Broken and Fixed

In the mental health discussion, there is a dichotomy emerging. The narrative seems to be split between an aggressive, ‘We’re broken!’ viewpoint, or a ‘We’re all okay!’ infantilised viewpoint. The discussion around mental health is still relatively new, but the language that we use now may dictate how it will appear in the future, meaning that it’s now more important than ever to be mindful of the effect our language can have. The more we talk, the more refined the conversation will become, but making sure that it is refined in a way that isn’t harmful is essential.

I detail my viewpoint on the mental health conversation, including discussions around;

  • Why it is damaging to polarise the mental health conversation
  • The importance of language when being a mental health facilitator; how language that facilitators use can affect viewers’ perception of the mental health conversation
  • How labels can inhibit open conversations, instead of improving them
  • The necessity of refining and improving our language
  • How greater access to mental health-related media can affect the language we use, positively or negatively

Welcome to Dark Coffee, the podcast that starts engaging and approachable conversations around mental health.

Welcome to Dark Coffee, the podcast that starts engaging and unfiltered conversations around mental health, and keeps them going.

Join wellbeing advocate Alice Lyons, as she attempts to normalise the conversation around mental health, from suicide to satisfaction and everything in between.

Dark Coffee aims to create an open environment to explore dark topics with curiosity, compassion and courage to empower people to build their mental strength, resilience and sense of connection.

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Suicide and Emotional Support Organisations – UK

Samaritans: Confidential suicide discussion and emotional support. Free helpline available round the clock. Text – 116123.  Call – 08457 909090  Email – Website –

Mind: Support and information for anyone suffering from a mental health issue. 0300 123 3393 Website –

Saneline: Practical information, crisis care and emotional support to people affected by mental health concerns. Helpline: 0845 767 8000, open daily from 6pm – 11pm.


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