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Comparisonitis and how to deal with it

Why can’t I be more like you?!


Comparisonitis. What is it, why does it happen, and why could it actually be a good thing for us?


In this episode Alice takes us through the shitty ways comparing ourselves to others can manifest, and what we can do about it. As always she gives us some tips and tricks to overcome the feelings of vulnerability and self loathing; most importantly, she gives us steps towards self improvement.


Also discussed:

  • Social media – what to do when you want to block that self important bitch

  • How to identify what those jealous feelings might mean

  • Talking and learning from others about their success


Recorded June 2021


If you’d like to join Alice for the Mental Health Meetup, click the link here for July’s event where we will be discussing mental health and social media, or search ‘Mental Health Meetup’ for future events.


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Podcast presented and edited by Alice Lyons.


Music Credit: ‘Infinite Landscape’ by Corinne.