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A hack to help you ask for help. Episode 80

Fact: A lot of us suck when it comes to asking for help. Particularly if we’re normally the one supporting everyone else, or if we think that we should have all the answers ourselves.


In this episode, Alice will reframe the concept of asking for help and give you a hack that will let it become easier in the future.


She’ll discuss

  • some of the practical and emotional barriers that prevent us from asking for help
  • Alice’s biggest barrier in asking for help
  • why asking for help is so important and can benefit your life, relationships and business
  • how asking for help will get you further, faster in your business
  • the hack to help you reframe asking for help
  • how this approach takes the awkwardness and shame away from asking for help
  • why asking for help makes you seem more professional
  • how to ask for help and feel more comfortable and confident doing do


Recorded August 2021


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Podcast presented and edited by Alice Lyons.


Music Credit: ‘Infinite Landscape’ by Corinne.