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74. Self-Care Isn’t Easy

In this week’s (half pep-talk, half lovingly telling you off) episode, host Alice Lyons talks about how self-care isn’t easy, particularly with everything going on this year.

Primarily talking about how self-care isn’t a perk, as well as the fact employee wellbeing isn’t a perk, this episode talks about the difficulties of looking after yourself.

Also discussed:

(1:28) Introduction: how wellbeing and self-care are viewed as perks, particularly in the workplace, and how we all have a right to be treated well instead of being left to fill in the gaps due to inadequate assistance, ‘human first, employee second’ approach

(7:26) How self-care is difficult as we aren’t brought up to do so, particularly since mental health is avoided in society, the impact of the society/culture we grow up in

(9:11) The difficulties of managing physical and emotional health with the day-to-day challenges, how we can lose energy in different areas due to neglect

(12:12) How we can train ourselves – teaching ourselves (personal development, self-help resources), taking an honest look at what we are and aren’t happy with, how the clarity can help avoid issues with other areas in your life

(14:42) Using self-care before a point of crisis/burnout, building it as a fundamental foundation, some strategies for help such as looking to your support network, going to different people for different needs

(22:20) Being the person that people go to for advice and how it can be difficult, and how referring people onto someone better suited can be beneficial, the benefits of collective approaches

(25:28) Final thoughts: how we need to stop being so harsh towards ourselves for low moods


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Podcast presented by Alice Lyons.

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Suicide and Emotional Support Organisations – UK

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Mind: Support and information for anyone suffering from a mental health issue. 0300 123 3393 Website –

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