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73. 4 reasons to get a coach

A question from one of our lovely followers sparked this week’s episode. Our host Alice Lyons explains what coaching actually is, the difference between coaching and therapy and four reasons why you should consider getting one.

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(01:20) introduction

(02:28) The first reason to get a coach is to upskill yourself. Coaching is a very specific kind of relationship that can help you reach your goals. Your coach may have worked with someone who’s had the same goals as you before, therefore have experience in said area.

(03:38) Alice explains how coaching and mentorship differs. Mentors will normally make connections for you with people in their own network and personally assist you. Where as coaches draw the answers out of you on how to best reach your goals during your sessions.

(05:58) Coaches will often ask challenging questions. Admittedly, this can be incredibly uncomfortable. However, these difficult and personal questions can often lead to the answers you are seeking.

(08:09) The second reason to get a coach is to assist you in dealing with growing pains. Coaching sessions can be exhausting, it’s not always going to be fun and easy. Personal growth can be extremely challenging. However, looking at yourself and realising the best way to adapt your future behaviour can be extremely useful and freeing.

(14:22) How coaching and therapy/counselling differ. Therapy and coaching can work well together, particularly if you want to understand the underlying reasons for certain ways you think or feel. However, this cannot be done through coaching and must be explored in a safe environment with a qualified counselling practitioner. Coaching can be useful for both personal (e.g. setting boundaries) and professional development, reaching certain goals and how to get there.

(20:02) The third reason to get a coach is if you need accountability to reach your goals. Motivation is all well and good initially, but we find that this leaves quite quickly, which is where your coach will come in. When we’re paying someone to help us on our journey and have weekly check-ins, we’re less likely to become distracted and drop our goals.

(25:43) The fourth reason to get a coach is emotional support. When we give all our energy to other people, for example if you’re a manager or a parent, you may feel that you yourself are lacking support and dedication. Coaches can offer this dedicated support in your sessions to you and your goals.

(29:25) Closing comments.


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