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69. We All Have a Part To Play In the Mental Health Discussion

Join our host Alice Lyons, as she discusses the role we should all play in the mental health discussion, no matter our profession. The pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons, particularly that what we were doing before, might not be enough, and that’s okay. We can move forwards together.

Also discussed:

(01:15) Introduction to the episode

(02:58) We may not be educated in the field of psychology or qualified counsellors, but we don’t need to be to talk about our feelings and go for a coffee

(05:00) Alice discusses what mental health means to her and how we can positively build up our mental health, which doesn’t have to be the extreme of crisis intervention

(07:25) The importance of (free) conversations, especially for workplaces. This includes authentic communication and bringing more of who we are into work

(11:50) Dissection of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how we can all use this in everyday life

(13:49) Growing our confidence on how to be a part of the conversation and how picking from your skill set, personality and natural talents can create possible roles for you to play in your workplace

(18:20) Concluding what parts we can all play in the mental health conversation, before anyone may need crisis intervention. The pandemic has taught us that our mental health is always in a state of flux and how we can deal with this

(22:30) What to do if you feel there are gaps in your knowledge and reading recommendations

(25:37) We shouldn’t just think about the worst-case scenario, people should focus on wellbeing and mental health now

(26:48) Closing comments


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Podcast presented by Alice Lyons.

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Suicide and Emotional Support Organisations – UK

Samaritans: Confidential suicide discussion and emotional support. Free helpline available round the clock. Text – 116123.  Call – 08457 909090  Email – Website –

Mind: Support and information for anyone suffering from a mental health issue. 0300 123 3393 Website –

Saneline: Practical information, crisis care and emotional support to people affected by mental health concerns. Helpline: 0845 767 8000, open daily from 6pm – 11pm.