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5 skills to cultivate to make 2022 your best year in business – Ep.90

Not every business success is down to the bricks-and-mortar decisions – sometimes it’s about the skills that you bring to the table.


In today’s episode, I’ll be talking through 5 skills that have made a HUGE difference to the level of success and enjoyment I’ve been able to find in my business, and they also help my 1:1 coaching clients achieve the same.


These skills can help with everything from decision-making to leading your team. They can help ground you, guide you and give clarity and direction. There really is no end to the benefits they can provide!


I’ll discuss:


  • The skill that will help you work long hours with yourself without losing your sanity!
  • How lacking this skill as a new Store Manager lead me to write a truly tragic performance review for myself
  • How upgrading your thoughts from critical to neutral can make a huge difference to your wellbeing
  • Why I’m aiming to create a sense of steadiness this year at a time when I’m experiencing big business growth
  • The skill that brings a sense of reassurance and security that sits behind more flashy skills, like tenacity and courage
  • The skill that is the secret weapon for every business owner, that can make it easier for you to make decisions
  • The lesser-appreciated side of confidence that helps us shout louder about the work that we do


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Episode recorded January 2022






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