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48. Dark Coffee x WeAreASSIF Collab

How can we connect in times of isolation?

Today’s episode is an interview with Omar Latif, founder of ‘WeAreASSIF’, a soon-to-launch digital platform used to alleviate poor mental health and promote positive health and wellbeing through peer-to-peer support, behavioural change tools, videos and games for stress and anxiety.

WeAreASSIF’s origins began with Omar’s personal experiences with his own mental health. The app will use algorithms for voice and face recognition (micro-expressions) to learn as you use the app, giving intervention before you may even be aware you need it.

This episode discusses the upcoming virtual networking events taking place every Wednesday, called HumpDay Huddle, held by Alice and Omar with a variety of speakers and topics each week.

Also discussed:

(1:14) Introductions

(4:36) Virtual networking event ‘HumpDay Huddle’, the benefits of having fun in a time of crisis, connecting and being a part of a community

(9:00) Mental health in events and on social media, how it can become the same message over and over again rather than a personal message

(13:00) Uncertainty and change of routine, how we’re all adapting, stress responses

(16:35) Panel discussions for HumpDay Huddle and the variety of speakers, marketing in a time of crisis, how reflection is now more present than ever for business owners

(20:37) Routine changes, integrated approaches to working from home, working patterns and how we’re probably learning more about how we do work most effectively

(26:17) Escapism through media, the psychology of reality TV

(35:01) Communication and self-reflection, humour in heavy topics, the upcoming events and collaborators, finding comfort in hearing not just other people’s success but also their failures and harder times


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Suicide and Emotional Support Organisations – UK

Samaritans: Confidential suicide discussion and emotional support. Free helpline available round the clock. Text – 116123.  Call – 08457 909090  Email – Website –

Mind: Support and information for anyone suffering from a mental health issue. 0300 123 3393 Website –

Saneline: Practical information, crisis care and emotional support to people affected by mental health concerns. Helpline: 0845 767 8000, open daily from 6pm – 11pm.