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47. Hope and Mental Health

Is it better to have faith, or to have hope?

This week’s episode is a solo episode about the words ‘hope’ and ‘faith’ when it comes to mental health and the comfort it can bring some people, and how it isn’t representative for others. It also explores the concept that faith is different from hope in terms of certainty and being passive or active.

It also includes:

  • ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ – Viktor E. Frankl (the defining feature in escaping concentration camps – those who held onto hope survived, which was critical as it gave them meaning)
  • Faith as a value is more certain and active, as it is based on past experiences you have gotten through with strength
  • Hope and the connotation with desperation and uncertainty, more passive and moderately defeatist
  • How you can gain faith from your experiences and have faith in others and the world as a result and is relatively unshakeable
  • The change from being hopeful to having faith and how it can serve you more depending on your mindset
  • Faith as an abstract, multi-faceted concept
  • ‘Have a Little Faith’ – Mitch Albom

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