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39. Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Eating disorders are multi-faceted.

This week’s episode coincides with Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and is an interview with Dark Coffee collaborator Grace Hall, revolving around eating disorders/disordered eating and aspects such as the mental and physiological connection and how it can manifest.

The concept of eating behaviours stemming from the societal and familial influence is also touched upon, in relation to the concept of control that plays such a strong role in eating disorders.

Also discussed:

(3:17) Grace’s personal experiences with disordered eating

(6:23) How conscious the thinking process was behind disordered eating, the mental/physiological connection

(8:43) The different manifestations (punishing yourself versus trying to comfort yourself)

(12:00) Home life/food connection, the social aspect of eating habits

(17:54) The avoidance aspect of attempting to keep the disorder from others (Grace would like to add she’s not advocating checking diaries, but was speaking about her personal experience with disordered eating/calorie counting! If you feel that your child is being very private, talk to them or open a discussion, do NOT ruin their safe place)

(24:49) Social media, awareness and patterns, the rise of pro-eating disorder accounts versus body positive accounts

(28:34) Advice/thoughts to consider for parents, final thoughts

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