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12 questions to ask to review your year – Ep.88

Congratulations – you’ve reached the end of another year! No mean feat in weird times like these.


But before we rush headfirst into goal setting and thinking about the year ahead, let’s take a minute to pause so we can reflect on wtf just happened.


Grab a brew, cuddle up and let’s debrief.


(Note: these prompts can be used to do a quarterly or monthly review, so keep it bookmarked somewhere handy to come back to later! They also make great conversation starters at parties…)


I’ll discuss:


  • reasons for reviewing your year – the perks and benefits of a reflective practice – even if you feel like you’ve had a tough time
  • how I went from hating new year to enjoying the symbolic new beginning it represents – and how all of us can learn to do this
  • a quick breakdown of the different ways you can reflect (because journaling isn’t for everybody!) and a hack to make the activity easier and more enjoyable, taking your learning style and preferences into account
  • the 12 questions to ask yourself to review your year
  • how to reflect on your personal and professional achievements, progress, challenges and lessons in a way that isn’t intimidating, harrowing or depressing as hell


Want to skip straight to the questions to do your review? Head to [41:22]


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Thanks for your support this year – here’s to you and the journey thus far.




Episode recorded December 2021




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