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Managing overwhelm in real-time

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been deep in the weeds of setting up my second business (🎉content coaching!🎉)

🤩 Don’t get me wrong – it’s an exciting time. I’ve had a lot of brain waves since the new year that have been leading me in this direction, and it feels AMAZING to be doubling down on a few of the things I love best:🔥 working 1:1 with EPIC change-making business owners🔥 supporting them with their content production🔥 seeing their confidence grow A friend text me yesterday to tell me congratulations on starting the business and saying that I must be ridiculously excited.My response:“It’s a very surreal feeling. Not entirely welcome.”🥴 Because even when we’re going through a crazy-exciting time, it has the potential to knock us off-balance and feel a bit overwhelming. Even though I’ve started a business before, the second time around is no less chaotic.😅 And it took me a while to realise that that’s because I’m now running two simultaneously!So far, I’ve had:😫 a lot of late nights😫 bursts of waking up in the middle of the night with a new idea I simply must write down😫 too many days working through lunch because I’ve finally hit a rhythm and don’t want to disturb myself😫 even more days of missing emails and being very VERY late getting back to collaborators because I’ve lost track of where I am.All in all, it’s a mess!But over the years, I’ve learned how to curb my feelings of overwhelm with a few simple tricks:👉 1. MOST IMPORTANT – MAINTAIN MY WELLBEING BASICS 👈Call me a basic bitch, but I am a fan of a daily routine.No, it doesn’t involve cold showers, 4am alarms, or 10k runs.But it does involve a few basics:💃 a bit of movement (usually stretching or dancing)📚 a bit of reflection (reading or journalling)🌲 getting outside (even if that’s just the commute to the office.)These things can be done in any order, but I try and make sure I do at least 20 minutes in the morning and evening (an approach I call ‘bookending’ as the rest of the bay falls between these two blocks.)No matter how busy I am, spending this time on myself is CRUCIAL for keeping my head on straight. Especially in the evenings – crawling straight into bed after shutting your laptop does not a good sleep make (spoken by an expert on this misguided approach.)👉 2. ENGAGE IN ACTIVE REST 👈This is a concept I learned about from one of my favourite reads of all timeRest – Why you get more done when you work less, by Alex Soojung-Kim PangBasically, it means having hobbies: things that take brain space, time, and concentration to enjoy.🌲For me, this means being outside – usually going for a long walk in a new area or going for a cold water dip.I feel fully immersed in the experience and have to really think about where I’m going, what I’m doing, and when my next snack will be. That last bit is the most important. ✨ The reason ‘active rest’ is so useful is that our minds need to fully focus on the task at hand.This means that your brain has to put down anything that’s troubling you, anything ticking away in the background, or any of the general noise that’s usually buzzing around.👉 3. TAKE TIME OUT – EVERY WEEK 👈This is often not as much time as I would like (I’ve been working my way towards a 4-day workweek for years and have yet to crack this!)BUT no matter how busy my week gets, I am very strict about having some time off, even if it’s just one day at the weekend.😖 Because I’ve learned from experience that overwork is a recipe for burnout.Having been there many, many, MANY times before, I know how shit it can be.😪 And the recovery process afterward can be even harder.So, time out away from the laptop is a non-negotiable these days.Hustle Culture be damned! 

I decided to take a slightly unconventional approach to announcing the new business on LinkedIn.Check out the post here and prepare for the ultimate feel-good vibes in the comments.Faith in humanity restored.