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How to resist the call to busyness in a crazy month

A picture of a cluttered, busy desk with the word 'JANUARY' laid over the top in capitals, as if being spat out the disgruntled author's mouth. Because, reader, it was.

I’m of the opinion that January is always a bit of a dick.


? After all the shiny excitement of the new year has faded, there’s the trudge back to the office in the snow (metaphorically speaking) and the desperate need to crank our brains back into gear while they’re still addled with brandy.


And that’s just from the mince pies…


On top of that, too many of us overload ourselves with the expectation of hitting the ground running, piling too much onto the to-do list, trying to adopt a new fitness routine, or – horror of horrors – attempting Dry January.


? Does it strike anyone else that this might be a bit… much?


‘Cause let’s face it… it’s winter. And winter sucks.


Actually, let me reframe that… winter is lovely.


As an unapologetic nature frolicker, I adore the crisp mornings, pastel-coloured sunrises, and the tingling sensation from my skin rapidly adjusting to life beyond my central heating.


? I’ve even taken up ice water dipping in my local nature reserve. (Don’t ask me why, I’m just in the market for some casual torture right now.)


But this is where I think the January blues kick in:


It’s not so much that WINTER is causing all our problems, but rather our RESISTANCE to it.


Nature is sending us all the signals to hibernate:


dark days…


long nights…


loads of stuff on Netflix.


? We should really take the hint and curl up in a cave for a couple of months like bears do.


But instead, we try and force ourselves to be productive.


Not through personal choice, necessarily. But through the collective, societal peer pressure we put on each other to be busy, make money and look like a big deal.


? Personally, I’m all for shutting down the economy for the month of December so we can all have a real break, and maybe coming back to it in early Feb, if we can be bothered.


But hey, I’m lazy like that…


Ironically, for all my talk of hibernation, that has been the last thing available to me this month, as I’ve been inundated with work.


Not just for January but for the months ahead.


?Happily, this means that I am now FULLY BOOKED for corporate clients for all of Q1. ?


Reason for celebration indeed!


But, I’m taking my own advice and am being sensible about my workload.


? When we’re busy, it’s too easy to slip into being over-reactive and jumping to anything and everything that comes into the inbox.


But I’ve learned not to try to run to keep up.


? I’ve learned to reject the call to busy-ness in favour of steady progress, a manageable workload, and even slow growth.


Because that’s what makes me happy.


And when I’m happy, I do my best work.


The way I see it, if clients really want to work with me, they’ll be happy to work around my availability.


?That means working around my other corporate clients and my 1:1 clients… but also my weekends, my health, and my energy levels.?


? Because all of these things are equally important for the success of my business.


And the same is true for you as well:


Your wellbeing isn’t a casual afterthought that you can engage in as-and-when you get enough clients or you feel like you deserve it.


? Your wellbeing is BUSINESS CRITICAL and needs to come first.


Trust me… the business has a funny way of following right along after.




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