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Finding a glimmer of light through the winter storms

With doom and gloom looming outside my leaking window and my weekend plans cancelled, I was having a very mopey Friday…

The word 'FEBRUARY' is spelled out in big capital letters over a faded image of a person in a yellow rain coat, with their back to us, staring out across a stormy ocean. The mood feels both bleak and defiant. This person seems to be daring the weather to come closer; they're ready for it.

? After a few too many long weeks and a brain filled to the brim with mental clutter, I’d mapped out an adventure-filled weekend to blow the cobwebs away; drinks with friends; a sleepover in Hebden Bridge, and walks, cold water dips, and bike rides in between.

Living my best Countryfile life!

? But then the storms came.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a glutton for punishment and will happily trot out in torrential weather in normal circumstances.

? But something about taking my car out in 120mph winds struck me as a bit ill-advised. Even for me; a woman with the survival instinct of a ham sandwich.

So, there I was. No fresh air and exercise to relieve me of my brain fog.

Instead, I passively boarded the mental merry-go-round between messy, jumbled thoughts, complicated problems, and self-criticism.

It’s a ride I know very well.

Sometimes, I quite enjoy it because it makes me feel all melodramatic and deep.

But more often than not, it’s just unpleasant.

So, the coaching part of my brain decided to ask the rest of it a question:

?”What are you going to do about it?”?

Until that moment, I had no intention of doing anything (besides feeling sorry for myself, watching the rain get in, and thinking that maybe I should put a towel down….)

But now I’d been called on my own bullshit, my brain went into problem-solving mode.

What am I going to do about it?

So, I whipped out my phone and decided to take action on one of the thoughts that had been buzzing around my head.

I’ve been chipping away on a suicide prevention project since September that has limped awkwardly between false starts and dead ends.

But rather than keep plodding along on my own, I decided to put a post on LinkedIn to ask for help to get the ball rolling again.

And it didn’t disappoint.

? I know it’s trite to talk about how a glimmer of hope is enough to get us through the bad days.

But on the metaphorically and literally gloomiest day of my year thus far, my mood immediately brightened when I started getting messages of support, encouragement, and assistance.

People were going out of their way to offer help, get involved, ask what they can do, and offer to contribute. Not because any of them have to, but because they chose to.

I know the world feels like a gloomy place sometimes.

(And yes, I will make a basic-bitch comparison to the weather here – you know it’s coming….)

? Sometimes it feels like those bastard clouds are never going to lift.

⛅But above the storm, the sun keeps shining.

And there is always something bright and good and lovely to look forward to when the floods and flying wheelie bins pass.

Sometimes, we just need something to help us break through the clouds to be able to see it.

And if you can’t get on a plane anytime soon, there’s always Big Jet TV. I hear it’s really taking off….


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