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1:1 Badass Coaching

Bring more of your badass self to your work, rest and play

Is there something holding you back from being your best, most badass self in your work, life or relationships?

Maybe imposter syndrome is making you think that you’re shit at what you do, you’re worried about judgement or criticism from others, or you’ve lost sight of what’s important because you’ve been busy with other things.

If so, you’re probably lacking confidence which is now affecting how you promote yourself, run your business or build meaningful relationships.

YES! What can I do about it??

1:1 Badass Coaching

I’m here to help you break through the barriers that are keeping you stuck, frustrated, and underwhelmed so you can bring more of your badass self to the party, through:

  • SELF-AWARENESS – Understand your motivations, interests and values to give you direction and certainty
  • SELF-ACCEPTANCE – Celebrate your strengths, acknowledge your challenges and work with rather than against yourself
  • SELF-EXPRESSION – Express yourself authentically and confidently to build stronger relationships
  • SELF-MANAGEMENT – Learn strategies to manage your wellbeing to grow a sustainable lifestyle prioritising your health and supporting your work

"What will I get out of coaching?"

As well as hitting your crazy, awesome life goals, your coaching sessions will help you with three big things:


Getting more Clarity

“Who even am I?!” This might be a question you’ve been struggling with for a while, whether you’re trying to build your personal brand, looking to change career and shout about your skills, or you’re hitting a big birthday and it’s thrown you into a casual crisis!

Don’t worry – I can help you make sense of the madness and gain massive clarity around what you’re all about.



Keeping your Sanity

You might feel like your losing your tenuous grip on reality after the weirdness of 2020, the demands of your work and the endless, relentless confusion of adulting.

No judgement – we’ve all been there. 1:1 coaching will help you learn how to recognise and meet your needs to stay happy, healthy and (most importantly) sane.


Finding your Badassery!

Beneath all the confusion and stagnation, you know there’s a badass waiting to come out! You might have experienced your badassery before, or maybe you’ve been dancing around your potential for a long time, for reasons we’ll explore in your sessions.

Either way, it’s time to stop avoiding how great you are. The world needs more great people. 

A bit about me

I had terrible time with my mental health throughout my twenties experiencing depression, suicide ideation and burnout. After going through a breakdown when I was 24, I started working on my personal development to help me figure out who I am and where my place in the world is.

That journey has taken me from messily jumping from job to job in total confusion and living with my parents, to moving across the country by myself, building a new life and running a company, finally feeling safe, happy and comfortable in my own skin.

Read our story to find out how this all led me to set up Dark Coffee, and get to know me better through the Dark Coffee Podcast.

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