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We're here to help you be more badass

Our 1:1 coaching will help you take ownership of your wellbeing, taking a deep dive into what makes you so badass and teach you to break free of self-imposed limitations.

We also run workshops, webinars and events which connect fellow badasses in business and open up the conversation around mental health and wellbeing. These events touch on themes from authenticity and confident communication, to boundary setting and culture development.

1:1 Coaching With Alice

When you’re feeling your best, you do amazing work, help others to feel great, and become a real force for good in the world.

Our wellbeing coaching will help you to:

  • Get to know and understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Explore your motivations, interests and values to give you more direction
  • Learn strategies to help you manage your mental health and wellbeing
  • Learn how to express yourself authentically to benefit your life, career and relationships
  • Become more confident in who you are and become an unapologetic badass!

Is 1:1 Coaching Right For Me?

Anyone can benefit from life coaching, and there are three key areas we know we can help you with.


You Want More Confidence

You might be lacking it a bit at the moment because of struggles you’ve had with your mental health, and you’e looking for ways to manage your wellbeing more proactively, consistently and effectively.

You want to find ways of breaking through the limitations that are holding you back, whether that’s imposter syndrome, self-doubt or lacking confidence in your abilities.


You Want More Clarity

You want an awesome life for yourself but aren’t really sure what that looks like. Maybe your career isn’t given you the level of fulfilment you are looking for, or you feel like you’re stuck, or something is ‘missing.’

You might not feel that your life is bad right now, but you know there’s something better out there for your professional (and personal) development.


You Want Change

You’re looking for something meaningful, whether that’s deeper relationships, a new passion project or to find work that you’re massively excited about.

You want to put something good into the world and need to know the practical steps to get there, supported by a tangible action plan and reliable accountability partner to guide you.

Get To Know Alice Lyons

“I experienced challenges in my mental health throughout my twenties including depression, suicide ideation and burnout. After going through a breakdown when I was 24, I started working on my personal development with coaches, mentors and courses.

I have gone from being completely confused about who I am and what I want to having clarity and confidence around both of these things, and now I enjoy helping others to do the same.”

Read Our Story to find more out about Alice’s personal background, or get to know her better through the Dark Coffee Podcast.

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