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We started as a podcast...

launched in 2018, hosted by our Founder and Director, Alice Lyons

Initially, Alice wanted to create a space to normalise conversations around suicidality through sharing her own experiences.

But Dark Coffee quickly branched into practical discussions around how to develop mental fitness and wellbeing.

After joining a business accelerator program, Alice decided to take Dark Coffee further, and within six months, we started delivering our fresh take on workplace wellbeing.

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Mind Over Grind Podcast

"Thank you Alice for being a beacon of light for so many others around this sensitive subject. You’ve opened my eyes to a new way of thinking around this topic and you deliver it in such a beautiful way."

"So good to hear honest, BS-free conversations about mental health and how to manage it in work and everyday life."

Alice's Story

Hi, I'm Alice - Founder and Director of Dark Coffee.

​I’m one of the 1 in 5 adults in the UK who has experienced thoughts of suicide.

The shame I felt around my mental ill health prevented me from seeking any help throughout my early twenties which had a hugely negative impact on my early career.

​And by the age of 24, I was fully burnt out, and had a total breakdown.

I spent the next six years investing in my personal and professional development and learned that the best way to build, manage and maintain my mental health was to focus on developing my mental fitness.

This practical, solutions-focused approach to wellbeing helped me make huge improvements in my life and career.

I went from being an overworked, overwhelmed and directionless coffee shop manager, living in my parents’ spare room, to moving across the country on my own to start a new adventure.

​And that fresh start lead to me launching Dark Coffee in 2018!

Now, I get to combine my passion for development with my solid love of people so that I can help leaders like you feel great at work so you can do great things.

What We Do