Unfiltered wellbeing to fire up you and your team so you can feel great and do great things

Energise your team

with coaching, training and support that will help them bring more of their badass selves to work. Because when you and your people feel great, you will do great things.

Alice Lyons
Founder & Director

What we do

We’ll help you build a badass mental health culture that will energise, encourage and embolden your people, both as individuals and as a team.

We work with progressive, people-focused SMEs and leaders, who know that when they put their people first, the profits will follow.

Let’s get to work.

Why work with Dark Coffee?

We take a no-bs approach to mental health and wellbeing, giving you practical steps you can put straight into action.

Everything we do is also delivered with our signature blend of candour and humour so you’ll find it as enjoyable as it is educational!

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For You

Webinars and online events for an immediate energy boost

1:1 coaching to be your best, most badass self

A group of employees in a team meeting in a clean, open office space

For Your Team

Workshops and group training to build resilient teams

Talks and keynote speeches to inspire, motivate and energise

Who are we?


Dark Coffee started as a podcast in 2018, hosted by our Founder and Director, Alice Lyons.

She wanted to share her experiences with depression, suicidality and burnout in her early career to reassure other millenial professionals that they are not on their own with their challenges, and they can find ways to get their work and wellbeing working better together.

Our work has since expanded into workplace wellbeing services, events, coaching and training to give you the skills you need to successfully navigate this thing called life, with more breakthroughs than breakdowns along the way!


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